Reviews for Embracing the Mystic Within:

Highly Recommended!!
C. Uecker (Grand Rapids, MI), A reviewer, May 23, 2009
This is another Meditation created by Denise. I listen to this every day to start my day. The background music and Denise’s soothing voice make it a must have.
I highly recommend it!

Reclaiming the mystic within thyself
Marie T. Snarey (Troy), A reviewer, March 10, 2008
must read for anyone whoever wanted to know 'what it's all about', how to get it, or just maybe....I've had it all along. Spellbinding, captivating, enchanting and heart wrenching, Denise shares her journey with compassion, humor and sincerity. We all have the gifts within ourselves that Denise so candidly shares, and she is such a natural at bringing it out in all of us. She's a great teacher. This is a great 'how-to' book for anyone who wants to learn more about connecting with the spirit world and their angels.

I laughed, I cried, I opened my third eye...
Lisa Jesswein (Royal Oak, MI), A reviewer, December 31, 2007
For lack of a better word I am a psychic. Denise's book hit a cord with me. But don't think that you have to be a psychic to enjoy this book, quite the contrary. "Embracing.." is an awesome starting point in the journey towards dusting the cobwebs off your psychic and spirituals gifts ( and we all have them). Connecting with spirit is normal and natural and Denise brings that point home with humor and grace. Bravo!

A Mystical Journey....
S. McFarland, A reviewer, 12/06/2007
We are all on a spiritual journey. Denise helps lead the way to healing through love and hope with personal experiences and reflective insights. This book is simple and elegant in it's message of God's love during our mystical journey.

Absolutely wonderful and inspirational book!
Angelique, a spiritual counselor, 12/05/2007
A wonderful book that will help anyone tap into their gifts! The book is hard to put down. Denise is an Angel from God and the Angelic realm!

Will Leave You Wanting More
T. Symon - a Believer!!, A reviewer, 11/07/2007
Denise's journey into the world of spirit is a true testament to what everyone is capable of. Reading of her experiences makes you want to know more. Denise has taught me that, 'There is no such thing as a coincidence!' This is a MUST READ. You won't regret it!

Soul Touching Account of Spiritual Journey
Barbara W. Lennox, 11/15/2007
It is said that "it is the journey, not the destination" that is important. Through Denise' s sharing of her personal account, new doors of understanding and "awakening" have opened for me. So often the "Ah-Ha!" moment comes when I "re-member" what was all ways there, but temporarily forgotten or misplaced. This book is not only one woman's journey, but also a wonderful reference which describes ageless practices used to connect to our soul's magnificent spirit. One of the book's concepts that I have embraced is that I am a part of something so much larger than myself. Each soul-filled contribution I make - no matter how small I think it is - sends ripples of blessings to people and places beyond my imaginings.

Thank you, Denise, for this most excellent and engaging book. EMBRACING THE MYSTIC WITHIN, has provided me with a series of "wonder-filled" sign posts, "re-membering" and an oasis on my journey.

Embracing the Mystic Within
Rachel Sinclair. 11/17/07
This wonderful reference of divination is a MUST to acquire in one's library. As a Nurse Practitioner I have been able to be present in many passings into the other side. I have been unable to word my feelings, sights and sounds in a comprehensible manner to my peers. Denise's account of the mystic life assures everyone that transformation is peaceful and beautiful. Kudos to the author for speaking the words of love, light, forgiveness and beauty. May the mystic spark everyone’s soul.

Heidi, A reviewer, 10/18/2007
This book is very uplifting and Denise's adventures are inspirational! I have read many books written by psychics, 'Sonia Choquette, Rosemary Altea, James VanPraagh, etc.' and Embracing the Mystic Within is right at the top of the list! Denise shares her personal mystical adventures and inspires us through spiritual exercises to open ourselves up to all the Universe has to offer. Life chaging and BEAUTIFUL!!

Wow! Embracing the Mystic Within is a must read!
Darcy Davis-Beghein, A reviewer, 10/17/2007
Denise Iwaniw welcomes you into the world of the mystic, inviting you to realize your own spiritual potential. Denise's writing style is fluid and conversational. She conveys her personal story and spiritual how-to's as though you are sitting across the table from a close friend, sharing a pot of tea. Appropriately titled, the book empowers you to define your own spiritual gifts, trust your intuitions, and follow your mystical guidance. Treat yourself! Read this book and begin practicing the mystical path you were meant to walk.

Answers to help you on the spiritual path
Carol OConnor, seeker of truth, 10/03/2007
A must read for anyone searching for answers – “Your on a spitual path... Just Trust!!!” These words were given to me today while reading Denise's book and then a white feather fell in front of my office window... Then 6 times the word “trust” came through... I went back to Denise's book and low and behold while opening her book a tiny small white feather popped out..right out of the book!!! Page 135 says.. and I quote: “Symbols and signs are ways in which angels convey a message.” Simply pay attention and Denise helps show you the way and that you aren't going crazy!!! What a wonderful book. I highly recommend it.

A Must Read!
D. Frederick, 9/28/2007
"Embracing the Mystic Within" brings you to tears and brings you to laughter, while at the same time brings a sense of hope and peace to those who have lost a loved one. This book represents a wonderful gift shared.

Linda Grzeszak, 9/30/2007
A heartwarming story of an extraordinary woman's journey through life ~ Her words tap into a stream of spiritual awareness that awakens you to what you already know. A "must read" for anyone willing to embrace the mystic within!

Couldn't put it down!
L. Knapp, 10/01/2007
I picked up "Embracing the Mystic Within" and literally couldn't put it down! I read it cover to cover in one sitting and then went back again to really savor the exercises and ideas. It was beautiful, honest, enlightening, entertaining and truly heartfelt. It gives us a glimpse into what is possible in all our lives. Denise's story and gifts have opened up wonderful possibilities in my life I never imaged! I am very grateful to Denise for sharing her beautiful gifts...I can't wait to see what's next!

A Blessing For Spiritual Readers
Dr. Dallas Naylor, 10/26/2007
This two part book is amazing in the fact that it not only tells a wonderful story of a woman coming to know her life's work, but it also gives the reader insights about finding their own path and living more harmoniously in an expanded reality which many of us never knew existed. Bravo, Denise!

The Awakening of a Mystic,
C. Crawford
Embracing the Mystic Within brings to light the extraordinary. The book is simply written but full of insight, truth and hope. Denise demonstrates that everyone has a mystic within - it just needs to be identified, welcomed, and encouraged. Denise's honest, sensitive, and matter of fact approach to her "gifts" have brought people from all walks of life and all corners of the earth to seek her help and guidance.

If you're feeling the tug that 'there must be more'... this is a must read!
Eric Webster
In "Embracing the Mystic Within:, Denise tells stories that will warm your heart.. her combination of beautiful insights and great wit make Denise feel like a close friend well before the final chapters.

If you've been feeling that there must be more to life than you're currently experiencing, or if you're seeking clarification of what it all means, this well written book will help you on your path.

A Personal Journey Toward Spiritual Awakening
G. Jones
If you're looking for answers to your spiritual growth and understanding, this book provides them in a concise, easy-to-understand format. Denise provides you with background into her own personal spiritual awakening, and gives you the tools to proceed on your own. It is a handbook you will want at your side for reference and encouragement. Denise's love of God and all mankind come through loud and clear! She is a teacher of divine love, hope, and awakening.

An Amazing Journey
Ann Flynn, October 26, 2007
"Embracing the Mystic Within" is a magical journey into the discovery of the spirit realm, and the spiritual gifts that reside within each of us. Denise magnificently writes about the process of her own spiritual awakening, gently reminds us that our loved ones are always with us, and that angels and miracles are everywhere if we pay attention to the signs. Her book gave me great peace, clarity, and hope. I highly recommended it.

Must Read!
J. Billings, October 25, 2007
Denise Iwaniw has the wonderful gift of helping others to realize their full potential and introducing everyone to the mystic who lives within each one of us. This is a must read for anyone who is exploring their own spirituality. The exercises in the second half of the book will open new and exciting pathways as you discover your own 'mystic within'.

A Beautiful Guide to Your Spiritual Gifts
Kimberly K. Love, October 25, 2007
This book is a Beautiful Guide to lead you on your path. Denise allows you to go on her journey & helps you understand how it happens. She even goes the next step in detailing how to improve your own gifts. After reading this book many times........she has taught me to allow my own gifts to come through even stonger. It is a must read for those who seek to learn & seek the Truth in doing so.