Reviews for A Year of Mystic Angels:

A Year of Mystic Angels~ an Angelic GPS for your journey
Eric Webster (Grand Rapids, MI), November 26, 2010
Beautifully written and designed, wonderfully enhanced by the artwork by David Fix, created for the Mystic Angels Empowerment Cards, this book is a delight to read. Denise Iwaniw shares stories from her life as a Psychic Medium and her daily interactions with the "unseen" that began as a small child. Just those stories would make for an interesting and compelling read and would likely provide confirmation that the 'still small voice' that you hear is not a figment of your imagination, but when she adds the beautiful artwork of the Mystic Angels, the messages, symbology and mantras they provided and the 'Love Letters' they dictated it becomes a must read for anyone who is expanding their awareness of their own connection to Spirit and our connectedness to all life on the planet.

Denise presents advanced concepts in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand way together with tools for contemplation, mantras for affirmation, and roadmaps for you to find your way to a closer relationship with the Angels that surround you.

One of my many favorites of the Mystic Angels is: Archangel St Uriel.
Comtemplative word: Forgiveness, Symbol: Christianity

The message reads:

"In the instant that you forgive yourself or another, you have selflessly given the precious gift of unconditional love. In the moment that you love yourself in your perfect imperfection, you have given yourself permission to love on the deepest levels.

Remember, release, forgive and embrace your Love."

The Mantra: "I forgive myself and others by forever giving love. I love my perfect imperfection."

To see which Angel is your favorite, you'll have to buy the book. You'll be glad you did!

A Year of Mystic Angels
Jeannie Helton, December 1, 2010
I highly recommend "A Year of Mystic Angels." This is a beautifully written book. Denise devotes chapters in which she shares her story of life as a medium, fascinating stories about her mediumship work, and also communications of teachings, poems, instructions, love letters directly from the Angels. Denise shares the wisdom of the Angels with the world. I also have the "Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck" which is a companion to this book, and they are absolutely gorgeous. They are rich in symbolism, teachings and mantras, a profound tool in self discovery and also to use in helping others seeking answers along their Earth path journey.


"When you walk into the energetic space that is you--reading and processing this wonderful book--you'll feel around you the manifestation of a beautiful, personal temple of love, healing and wisdom. It is populated by the entities in the book as well as your own guides, teachers, angels and loved ones in spirit who are supporting your journey to enlightenment. Give thanks for this sacred space in time and drink in all the nourishment this book has to offer. It is outstanding!

--Rev. Laura H. MacLachlan

“I loved this book! It gives you wisdom for life put in the most beautiful words and phrases. The Mystic Angel Empowerment cards are breathtaking and draw you into the lessons they teach. The stories touch your heart and take you to a deeper understanding of who you are while the Angelic letters give you guidance for finding your way. What more could you ask for? Thank you, Denise.”

-Bonnie Cripe, PhD, LMSW, ACSW

My earliest memory of Angels occurred when I was a small child at my mother’s knee. She taught me these opening words:

Angel of God my Guardian dear
To Whom God’s love commits me here
Ever this day be at my side
To light, to guard, to rule and guide…

My next lesson came at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here I had a Dominican Priest explain that Angels are Messengers, and he highly encouraged us to call on our Angels frequently.

When Denise asked me to be one of the editors of this book I quickly said yes, knowing that I would have the opportunity to learn even more about Angels.

Now that I have completed my editorial task, I am happy to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. Not only did I gain more knowledge about Angels, but I know I have gained “heart” knowledge about these Celestial Beings. This book made me feel “comfortable” with the idea of having these Angelic Helpers to call on. Thank you, Denise, for this opportunity to deepen my faith.

--Sister Irene Mary

“This amazing book will help you understand that Angels are very real, even if you cannot see them, and they will help you in your daily life if you will just ask. Denise teaches us that Angelic help is only for the special, and that you are special.”

--Bob Huttinga, PA

Just holding A Year of Mystic Angels in my hands created a quiet opening to Grace and the Angelic Realm in my heart. And in this silence I heard their meaningful words of Self-love, Joyous expression, and Unconditional support for us as we walk this earth journey. Denise has created with Mystic Angels an inspiring and informative lesson plan enabling us to easily open up to the Helpful Beings in our lives.

--Minnie Kansman, author of Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection

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